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Pain level you can expect : Minimal Scars : Barely visible
Anaesthesia  :  General anaesthesia exclusively Final result : After 1 month
Procedure duration : 1 to 2 hours Social life implications : 3 to 5 days

Vaginal rejuvenation


Why ?

A widened vagina can result in decreased sensations during intercourse and is the result of weakened pelvic floor muscles caused by : pregnancies, long delivery or simply aging. Indeed, during menopause, decreased oestrogen leads to decreased muscle tone…

So, for all women wishing to bring back that youthful touch to their intimate life we offer vaginoplasty, a procedure that will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, tighten the vaginal orifice and rejuvenate the general aspect of the vulva.

The procedure

The intimate surgical procedure of vaginal rejuvenation is carried out under general anaesthesia and will take approximately 1 hour.

The procedure is carried out in 4 steps :

  1. Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles between the vagina and the anus
  2. Tightening of the lower vaginal orifice in order to reduce the opening and reduction of the internal vaginal mucosa
  3. General rejuvenation of the vulva through Lipofilling in order to sculpt it into a nice bombed shape
  4. Reduction of the labia minora where necessary in order to enhance the general rejuvenation

Results and post-operative treatment

You will be discharged on procedure day after a monitored recovery period.

It is advised to rest for a few days. Social and professional activity can be resumed after 5 days and sexual intercourse after a period of one month. Avoid taking a bath for 4 days and making strenuous efforts for 1 month.

Post-operative impact is only slightly painful, discomfort eases by taking classic pain killers. The treated area will need to be washed with foaming Betadine and water for two weeks and dried with the utmost care. Twinges can be felt and oedema may appear, these will subside rapidly. You will be more comfortable wearing cotton underwear during the first week following the procedure.

The final results of the rejuvenation can be assessed after approximately one month. The procedure leaves no visible scars.

Instructions for patients

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