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Anticipated pain level : Minimal Scars : Barely visible, around the areolae
Anaesthesia : local anaesthetic Final result : after 1 month
Procedure duration : 45 minutes Social life implications : None

Areolae reduction

Why ?

This procedure is carried out in order to reduce the size of the areolae and can be combined with nipple correction surgery or with any other breast related procedure.

The procedure

The procedure takes about one hour and is carried out under local anaesthetic. Through a small incision on the areolae’s outer part, the surgeon removes a section of the pigmented skin. Painkillers will allow to reduce post-operative pain. This procedure will leave a thin scar around the areolae. It has no implications for breastfeeding as all milk ducts remain intact.

Results and post-operative treatment

the patient can be discharged the day of the procedure. The area in question may show swelling and rash, as well as a sense of discomfort for a couple of days but the effects will wear off spontaneously.

Patient instructions

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