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  • Hi

    I just wanted to say thank you so much to Dr Plovier and the whole team for looking after me when I had my facelift surgery on July 15th. I am healing very well and very pleased.

    Also please if you have any cancellations please do let me know as my mother is also waiting to have facelift surgery.

    Once again thank you so much and also thank you to Valerie for giving me her scarf to wear back home 😊

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards


  • Pixie1234

    "‘Amazing surgeon’"

    Fantastic surgeon - I had under the muscle breast implants. Cannot recommend enough This man knows what he is doing - is a complete & utter artist, excellent in his field. If you’re looking for implants- visit dr Plovier. He uses photos to see what result you want & gives it to you.

  • Beau

    "A massive thank you for all your help."

    I'm doing very well thank you! Obviously feeling a little sore but overall I'm doing just fine. I would just like to say a massive thank you for all your help also to my nurse, I can't remember her name now but she was so nice to me, I really appreciate it and of course also a big big thank you to dr. Plovier!
    I was so pleased with how I was treated throughout my stay and you were all so very helpful. So once again thank you very much.


  • Dear all at Be-Clinic

    Thank you all once again for Tuesday. I always feel so comfortable and relaxed when I visit. I feel I am being welcomed into a family home!

    Thank you to Benedicte and Valerie who have had to deal with my many emails and who organised the taxis for me.

    A special thanks of course for Dr Plovier, whose skilled hands, brilliant mind and meticulous care performed the operation. Thank you :-)

    I appreciate all that the Be-Clinic does. It really is all about caring for and doing the best the customer. I know you all do many operations, but it does not feel that way. Each of us is special.

    A huge thank you to Jennifer who looked after me, and I will not forget that next time I visit we will enjoy a pizza (or 2) together! Perhaps with a glass of wine. It will be my treat.

    Thank you all once again.



  • I have spent 5 years looking for a good surgeon and feel so lucky I found you!

    I just wanted to say thank you to you all after Dr Plover doing such an amazing lower face lift last year . It’s so natural and everyone keeps asking for your number. Dr Plover has done the most natural work everyone is amazed .

    Now he has again created miracles my arms are still a little sore but gosh they look amazing and my bust is fab too the shape is fantastic the size is perfect much better . When I had the dressings changed the hospital said what a fabulous job and asked where I went .They said that the scars were very good and the best they had seen and that the scars would fade very fast .

    Your nurse was amazing to me so very lovely ,your care is the best and Dr Plover is a god what amazing work . I am truly happy and Dr Plover and his team are the very best anyone could have found .

    I spent 5 years looking for a good Surgeon and feel so lucky I found you .I will highly recommend you in the UK .Dr Plover and his team are the very best I can’t thank you enough again. Thank you and you really are the best 👍😊


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