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Welcome to Be Clinic,
your clinic of choice for aesthetic surgery & aesthetic medicine

Be Clinic,
the safe, fully-authenticated
search for beauty.

Welcome to Be Clinic, the clinic of Doctors Frank Plovier and Maïté Czupper.

This centre, uniquely dedicated to beauty, yours, offers a comprehensive approach to meeting your requests.

Here, a complete range of non-invasive aesthetic medicine treatments has been added to the most advanced plastic surgery. Entirely safely, and with maximum comfort.

the clinic

Aesthetic surgery
you’re in good hands.

Aesthetic medicine

Discover our range of « non-invasive treatments » to allow you to feel good about yourself

Our treatments

State-of-the art facilities
in terms of technology and safety.

Be Clinic’s facilities are among the best in the world in terms of safety.

On the surgery side, the theatre suites, ultra modern, are equipped with laminar flow for minimising the risk of infection even further and for maximising your convalescence.

On the aesthetic medicine side, the technologies used are also among the most advanced.

Beclinic équipement clinique esthétique
Beclinic équipement clinique esthétique
Beclinic équipement clinique esthétique

So that your search for beauty is always serene.

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A setting and a service
resolutely dedicated to your well-being

At Be Clinic, the word `welcome' really means what it says.

Personal service, warm and professional listening, modern and intimate decor, cocooning rooms in which you feel at home…

Here, everything is designed for your welcome into a soothing, high-class setting.

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Last news

Vaginal rejuvination

Vaginal rejuvination and vaginal thightening: A collaboration with our gynaecological team can help you regain your intimate well-being.

Please email us for more information. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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XXL breast implant

Beclinic offers also "custom made" XXL breast implants up to 2000cc. For more information don't hesitate to contact us:

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