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Skin Rejuvenation Laser

Why ?

Fractionated cutaneous smoothing (Laser CO2 MiXto SX®) is a revolutionary technique that enables the skin to be kept smooth and young, painlessly and with only brief social exclusion.

A single treatment will show significant improvement of the texture of the skin and the complexion, while reducing wrinkles at the same time.

Action Mechanisms

The laser Mixto SX® treatment allows the skin to be embellished, rejuvenated, renewed, smoothed and illuminated.

The CO2 is a carbon gas laser. It has been used in aesthetic medicine for more than 25 years for skin treatments such as fine lines and deep wrinkles, various kinds of scars, unsightly pigmentations and dilated pores.

When a beam of CO2 light makes contact with the skin, it immediately heats, vaporises and eliminates the upper layers of the skin, the scars and the wrinkles, while smoothing the surface. This remodelling appears with the formation of a new epidermis and increased collagen production.

The Mixto SX® laser delivers, on an area of skin, tiny beams of luminous energy towards the upper and intermediary layers of the skin.

During the first consultation, the doctor develops a treatment plan, according to the patient’s skin and his or her requests. Exposure to the rays of the sun and sun beds are prohibited during the period of treatment, as well as during the month before and the month after it.

Usually, a single treatment produces satisfactory results. If necessary, a second treatment can be scheduled eight weeks after the first. Depending on the constraints relating to each patient, the laser can also be used, in several sessions on the skin’s surface, in such a way that the treatment is less invasive and spread out over time.

Areas Concerned, Indications and Contraindications

Micro Fractionated laser treatment is traditionally used to treat:
The face;
The neck;
The low neckline;
The hands

Depending on the area concerned, the effects are the following:

At the level of the face and the neck:
Smoothing of the facial skin in order to bring a truly lustrous effect;
Reduction of fine lines;
Correction of dilated pores with a firming-up of the skin;
Correction of a dull complexion;
Correction of brown spots, sunspots, and so on;
Suppression of veins and dilated capillary vessels.

At the level of the hands and the low neckline:
Rejuvenation by the elimination of brown spots;
Lessening of fine lines;
Firming-up of the skin.

Known hypersensitivity to light;
Taking medication that boosts sensitivity to light;
Taking isotretinoin (Roaccutane) capsules during the last six months;
Tanned skin;
History of hypertrophic scarring.


MiXto SX® laser treatment makes it possible to obtain:
Lessening of fine lines and wrinkles;
A gain of 5 to 10 years on the skin’s ageing;
Exceptional reduction of acne scars and traumatic scars;
Renewed collagen production for up to six months after the treatment
An exceptional reduction of acne scars and traumatic scars;
A new production of collagen up to six months after treatment.

Session Procedure

When a beam of CO2 light makes contact with the skin, it immediately heats, vaporises and eliminates the upper layers of the skin, the scars and the wrinkles, while smoothing its surface. This remodelling becomes apparent with the formation of a new epidermis and increased collagen production provoked by the laser.

The number of sessions and the intensity of the laser are determined by the doctor after a first consultation. A laser treatment session takes about twenty minutes; according to the depth of the treatment, it could be performed under sedation. The face can be rejuvenated by laser in combination with a facelift.

During the treatment, an intense feeling of heat on the skin may normally be experienced. After the treatment, a light feeling of burn similar to sunburn can also be felt for a few hours. The application of a moisturising and protective cream of the “Flamigel” variety on the treated area may be recommended by the doctor.

After the Session

Days 1-2 :The fine spots will start to disappear and the skin will begin to look tanned.

Days 3-4 :The upper layer of the skin will start to peel, revealing a new rejuvenated skin, with improved complexion and texture.

Days 5-12 :The epidermis is renewed.

The laser-treated area will be a bit red due to the increased blood flow relating to the regrowth of the tissues and the creation of surface collagen. The redness will gradually disappear within ten days of the treatment. MiXto SX® laser treatment can cause an oedema that will last for a few days.

Depending on the depth of the treatment, you will need to envisage an interruption of your social life for a period of 5 to 14 days.

Exposure to the sun must be avoided for at least three months and you are advised to apply a sun screen with a minimum index of 50 each day.

The fine lines and wrinkles will constantly continue to reduce during the six months after the intervention, thanks to the renewed production of collagen.

Number of Sessions and Effects

The number of sessions will be determined according to the patient’s need and his or her flexibility in terms of social exclusion.

It is possible to spread out the treatment over several sessions, during which the laser will be used more lightly than if the entire treatment was to be performed in a single one.

If the treatment is spread over time, four sessions per year are usually recommended in order to obtain the same effect as with a single, more profound session.

A laser can also be used in combination with a facelift; a major treatment is then carried out, which removes all the spots and gives the skin a youthful and luminous appearance once again.

The effects obtained by the MiXto SX® laser are permanent.

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