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Action Mechanisms

The product is an essential component, naturally present in the skin, which contributes to its hydration. It is therefore perfectly tolerated and reabsorbable, and requires no prior test. It has a revitalising effect and boosts the stimulation of collagen synthesis, giving the face a truly lustrous look.

These fillers lasts for different periods of time, according to the product.

Different effects can be obtained from different products:

Volumator fillers

When growing old, the volume of the cheekbones tends to fall into the jowls and to increase the severe and sad look of the face.

Reworking the volumes in order to restore the youthfulness of a face therefore makes a whole lot of sense.

Use of a very volumator hyaluronic acid enables the cutaneous ptoses to be corrected, the cheekbones to be given volume and the atrophies of the cheeks to be corrected.

“Volumetric Rejuvenation” consists of reconstituting the face’s volumes and contours.

Fluid fillers (superficial layer of the dermis)

Thanks to a fluid form of filler, which is injected into the superficial dermis, the fine lines of the contour of the eyes or the wrinkles around the mouth can be treated.

Dense fillers (medium layer of the dermis)

Thanks to the dense formula of the filler that is injected into the medium dermis, fairly deep wrinkles such as the wrinkles of the face, of the cheeks, between the eyebrows or the nasogenian furrows can be treated.

Very Dense fillers (deep layer of the dermis)

Thanks to the very dense formula that is injected into the deep dermis, deep wrinkles such as very marked nasogenian furrows can be treated, or the lips can be recurved, the cheekbones sculpted or the oval of the face reconstituted.

The filling treatment can furthermore be supplemented by a laser treatment for the purpose of obtaining greater firmness and elasticity of the entire facial skin.

Areas, Indications and Contraindications

Upper Part of the Face

1. Wrinkles on the forehead
2. Anxiety wrinkles
3. Eyebrows

Central Part of the Face

4. Crow’s feet
5. Tear trough
6. Nose
7. Cheekbone volumes

Lower Part of the Face

8. Nasogenian furrows
9. Smoker’s wrinkles
10. Perioral wrinkles
11. Smile wrinkles
12. Commissures of the lips
13. Volume of the lips
14. Volume of the jaw/>

Filler Indications

Fillers can be used anywhere where there is no conjunctive tissue.

Thanks to the various forms of hyaluronic acid, it is possible to refashion a face completely, by regiving it cheekbones, cheeks and lips, by mitigating the wrinkles of the nasogenian furrow, or those of the valley of tears, and so on and so forth. FIllers are entirely reabsorbable, some are semi reabsorbable, while others last longer but above all have a volumator effect.

Injections of fillers are very effective for:
- Filling nasogenian folds;
- Filling peribuccal wrinkles;
- Redrawing the contour of the lips;
- Increasing the volume of the lips;
- Filling marionnette lines;
- Re-establishing the commissures of the lips;
- Increasing the volume of the chin;
- Increasing the volume of the face for a “facelift” effect.


The volumator effect gives the skin its initial look once again, the wrinkles are reabsorbed and the contours are redrawn.

Session Procedure

The doctor injects the product into the desired area for a few minutes.

Most areas are painless; only the lips and their contour are a little sensitive. Certain injection products also contain lidocaine.

After the session, some redness can appear on the injection points but can be easily concealed by foundation make-up and will naturally disappear. There is no social exclusion and the patient can resume his or her active life after the intervention.

The result is natural and visible virtually immediately.

Number of Sessions and Effects

The effects persist for a length of time varying from 8 to 18 months according to the wrinkles that have been treated.

As a filler is 100% biodegradable, it is recommended to injections be made at least once a year in order to maintain the effect.

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