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Otoplasty or Protruding Ear Surgery is an intervention that is intended to restore harmony to the face.

Protruding ears are characterised by three frequently associated malformations:

A rippling defect of the cartilage (the anthelix) involving a lack of relief, a hypertrophy of the cartilage (the concha) which accentuates the projection of the ear, and an overly large retro-auricular angle.

The intervention takes place under a local anaesthetic and allows the defects to be repaired quickly and without any visible scars.

It can be performed as from the patient’s age of six.

Earlobe correction surgery can therefore enable a tear of the earlobe or a congenital anomaly to be repaired in order to give a more aesthetic appearance to the ear and thus to the face as a whole. Surgery of this kind is well-known, and the results are extremely interesting.

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