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Radio Frequency Treatment


Venus LEGACY is a revolutionary medical device that combines multi-polar radio frequency with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for tightening and smoothing the skin as well as for redefining the body contours.

The treatment is without risk and completely painless.

Results are immediate and measurable.

Mechanisms of action
Using Venus LEGACY causes thermal reaction in the concerned tissue, leading to collagen formation and the production of new elastin fibres. The skin immediately has a younger and more elastic look to it.

Areas, indications and contra-indications

Reducing wrinkles and combatting cutaneous sagging

Arms, belly and thighs:
Reducing cutaneous sagging on the arms, the belly and the thighs;
Reducing cellulitis;
Measurable refining of the body contours.


Reshaping the facial -or body contours by restructuring existing collagen and elastin. The Legacy radio frequency device tightens the cutaneous fibres(collagen, elastin) that will thicken and thus become more firm resulting in a smoother and thicker skin.

Tightening by generating new collagen and elastin

Smoothening orange peel skin by action on fat cells (lipolysis). The LEGACY radio frequency device will use its thermal effect to turn the adipose cells more permeable and will reduce their fat content which will allow to mitigate the “orange peel skin “ effect.

Reducing cellulitis and stimulating cellular growth. The LEGACY radio frequency device stimulates growth of new sub-cutaneous small blood vessels in order to optimise drainage of toxic waste and to raise mineral, vitamin and oxygen inflow.

The session itself

The doctor proceeds to a massage of the zone in question with the device in a session that will last about 20 minutes.

The treatment is painless – only a sensation of warmth may be felt in the concerned area.

Number of sessions and effects

The effect of the treatment is visible from the first session ; for a lasting effect it is advised to perform 2 sessions weekly for two weeks, followed by 1 weekly session for about 4 to 6 weeks.

A follow-up session every 8 weeks is advised to keep a lasting effect from the treatment.

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