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The equipment

State-of-the art facilities in terms of technology and safety.

Be Clinic’s facilities are among the best in the world in terms of safety.

On the surgery side, the theatre suites, ultra modern, are equipped with laminar flow for minimising the risk of infection even further and for maximising your convalescence.

On the aesthetic medicine side, the technologies used are also among the most advanced.

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  • Jane


    Hi Girls and Guys,
    Just wanted to thank all of the team for yestarday. I think you were all wonderful and made me feel so comfortable.
    I will be revisiting you again this year here to the be clinic AMAZING!!!
    Many thanks again

  • M. Tyl

    "Truly amazed by the service."

    Thank you so much for all of your help yesterday your staff and team are incredible we've had a flawless experience from start to finish with your entire all inclusive package is there somewhere I could write a review because I am truly amazed by the service, care and assistance given by be clinic , be manos and also the car service! I wish you all the best Christmas and New Years!

  • Hi Bénédicte 

    For the first 7 weeks post-op my sleep cycle was a mess, and it revolved around pain and painkillers. However, since my visit to Be Clinic last Thursday I’m feeling and sleeping better. I’ve received constant aftercare related advice and support from Valérie which has played a major part in my recovery. I’m also very thankful to Dr Plovier for providing me with the two Pico devices. I feel it was very generous of Dr Plovier to do this, and is a testament to how much he wants me to recover quickly and without suffering further pain. 

    I am just so very grateful to you all; the receptionists, the nurses, the anaesthetist (I don’t know her name, but I owe her a box of chocolates) and “my” amazing surgeon. Together you make an incredible team; you support each other’s roles and you all provide wonderful compassion and empathy to your patients. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just about creating a physical change; when done right it can really positively change one’s mental well being and how we see ourselves. Over the last 15 years I’ve had breast surgery in London on three occasions with overnight stays, and I never once experienced the level of kindness and care that Be Clinic provides. Without doubt the care was always professional, but lacking emotion. And when you’ve just woken alone from anaesthetic, you’re feeling sick and you want to cry because the pain has just hit you, maybe what you need is a hug and a rub on your back, and the reassurance from your nurse that you’re not alone, she understands your pain and “it hurts now, but you WILL get better”. Just because the surgery may have been elective and not essential doesn’t make it hurt any less, and this is why empathy for me in this situation is so important. Lastly, I am grateful that I can talk about anything I’m not happy with about my body without feeling embarrassed. Nothing shocks any of you; you’re all extremely experienced and don’t get offended by things.

    I don’t know when I will see you next, but I would love to stay in touch with you all. Over the years my body has altered both to have my beautiful children, and with age. However, my childbearing days are over, and I’ve started my journey towards having a body I can look in the mirror and like again. You are all a pivotal part of making it happen, and I am confident that my first surgeries with Be Clinic won’t be my last.

    Kind regards always,


  • "This will change my live"

    I would just like to start by saying a huge thank you to yourself, Frank and Jennifer for taking such good care Of me, i couldn’t fault the clinic one bit. From the moment I walked in i knew I had made the right decision to come with be clinic and frank wow what can I say he listened to everything I wanted and by the looks of them right now I’m So happy. This will change my life as I’ve been looking for 8 years to get the look I’ve always wanted and everyone in the uk has turned me away as they said I will never get that look. I’m so very grateful to frank please do send him my love and and big thank you.

    I’m home now and will take great care of myself while I recover.

    Please can I book my follow up appointment with frank in London also.

    Thank you so much Marie,


  • Dear all at Be-Clinic

    Thank you all once again for Tuesday. I always feel so comfortable and relaxed when I visit. I feel I am being welcomed into a family home!

    Thank you to Benedicte and Valerie who have had to deal with my many emails and who organised the taxis for me.

    A special thanks of course for Dr Plovier, whose skilled hands, brilliant mind and meticulous care performed the operation. Thank you :-)

    I appreciate all that the Be-Clinic does. It really is all about caring for and doing the best the customer. I know you all do many operations, but it does not feel that way. Each of us is special.

    A huge thank you to Jennifer who looked after me, and I will not forget that next time I visit we will enjoy a pizza (or 2) together! Perhaps with a glass of wine. It will be my treat.

    Thank you all once again.



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