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Dear Valerie and Marie

Firstly, I just wanted to take the time to thank you both personally, and Be Clinic, for your support, professionalism and compassion. I know I have experienced Be Clinic before, but I had forgotten just how good the customer care you provide is. I have been very worried about my rupture, and it has been causing me pain and discomfort – but within a few days of contacting you, I’ve had a good consultation with Dr Plovier and my surgery is booked in, and you have also quickly answered (my many!) questions, thank you. I work for the NHS in the UK, and we can learn a lot from your clinical pathways and procedures at Be Clinic.

Many thanks


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Dear all at Be-Clinic

Thank you all once again for Tuesday. I always feel so comfortable and relaxed when I visit. I feel I am being welcomed into a family home!

Thank you to Benedicte and Valerie who have had to deal with my many emails and who organised the taxis for me.

A special thanks of course for Dr Plovier, whose skilled hands, brilliant mind and meticulous care performed the operation. Thank you :-)

I appreciate all that the Be-Clinic does. It really is all about caring for and doing the best the customer. I know you all do many operations, but it does not feel that way. Each of us is special.

A huge thank you to Jennifer who looked after me, and I will not forget that next time I visit we will enjoy a pizza (or 2) together! Perhaps with a glass of wine. It will be my treat.

Thank you all once again.



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Hi valerie, 

Was so lovely to meet you.

Thank you so much for yourself and bridgette looking after me .

You've made the whole experience a great one 😊

Love c x

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I just wanted to say thank you so much to Dr Plovier and the whole team for looking after me when I had my facelift surgery on July 15th. I am healing very well and very pleased.

Also please if you have any cancellations please do let me know as my mother is also waiting to have facelift surgery.

Once again thank you so much and also thank you to Valerie for giving me her scarf to wear back home 😊

Look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards


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I just want to say a big thank you to Dr.Plovier and all the staff at Beclinic, you guys were amazing and really looked after me during my surgery. I am healing up very nicely and super happy with my results. Thank you again for everything.

Kind regards,

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Dear everyone at BECLINIC,

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me from the moment I enquired about my surgery, right up to the moment I left the clinic. I couldn’t have wished for better care.

I was told I would receive a follow up call today however I may have missed it on my return flight to London Heathrow. I just wanted to let you know I am home safe and resting very well. I’m in a lot of achey pain, however nothing un management. 

Dr.Plovier is a super star, so please thank him from me. I was amused seeing him picking apples from outside my window after surgery, ps- I hope he didn’t put apples inside my chest haha! 

To all the reception team you are fantastic and I cannot thank you enough for looking after me! To all the nurses and anaesthetist thank you so much for making every step so easy and I hope they can accept my apology for swearing when I was being put under!

I am so happy with my new boobies!! Thank you all so much. I will recommend you to everyone.

Best regards to you all.

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Good Morning ,

No i can use my arms again i just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the lovely ladies at Be Clinic! Such an amazing team including the drivers my whole stay was perfect and i will recommend Be Clinic to Everyone ! 

Dr Plovier has done an amazing job and Jennifer is Wonder Women <3 and I am so happy with the results already can't wait to see the final results :). 

Hopefully I will be back in the future for more surgery.

Wish you all the best lots of love J. !! 

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Hi Bénédicte 

For the first 7 weeks post-op my sleep cycle was a mess, and it revolved around pain and painkillers. However, since my visit to Be Clinic last Thursday I’m feeling and sleeping better. I’ve received constant aftercare related advice and support from Valérie which has played a major part in my recovery. I’m also very thankful to Dr Plovier for providing me with the two Pico devices. I feel it was very generous of Dr Plovier to do this, and is a testament to how much he wants me to recover quickly and without suffering further pain. 

I am just so very grateful to you all; the receptionists, the nurses, the anaesthetist (I don’t know her name, but I owe her a box of chocolates) and “my” amazing surgeon. Together you make an incredible team; you support each other’s roles and you all provide wonderful compassion and empathy to your patients. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just about creating a physical change; when done right it can really positively change one’s mental well being and how we see ourselves. Over the last 15 years I’ve had breast surgery in London on three occasions with overnight stays, and I never once experienced the level of kindness and care that Be Clinic provides. Without doubt the care was always professional, but lacking emotion. And when you’ve just woken alone from anaesthetic, you’re feeling sick and you want to cry because the pain has just hit you, maybe what you need is a hug and a rub on your back, and the reassurance from your nurse that you’re not alone, she understands your pain and “it hurts now, but you WILL get better”. Just because the surgery may have been elective and not essential doesn’t make it hurt any less, and this is why empathy for me in this situation is so important. Lastly, I am grateful that I can talk about anything I’m not happy with about my body without feeling embarrassed. Nothing shocks any of you; you’re all extremely experienced and don’t get offended by things.

I don’t know when I will see you next, but I would love to stay in touch with you all. Over the years my body has altered both to have my beautiful children, and with age. However, my childbearing days are over, and I’ve started my journey towards having a body I can look in the mirror and like again. You are all a pivotal part of making it happen, and I am confident that my first surgeries with Be Clinic won’t be my last.

Kind regards always,


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Dear Lara

Thank you so much for being so wonderfully helpful throughout this whole process .

 All the staff at Beclinic have been so kind and caring and I am so pleased I decided to have my procedure done  with Dr Plovier he is a marvellous Surgeon

I’m sure I will be very happy with the results 

Bridget was wonderful yesterday she made me feel so looked after and went above and beyond with what I expected , please send her my love and appreciation 

All the best

Warm regards


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I'm feeling so good 

I just can't get over how amazing you all are n so good at your jobs and always do extra

Made me feel so safe n relaxed

Highly recommended you all



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Dear Valerie and Jennifer,

I just wanted to say a big thank you to both and all the staff at the Beclinic for being so helpful and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble and always with a smile. So thank you ladies. I do hope that your hangovers weren`t too large yesterday.

So  far the new dressing is doing fine, its buzzing rather a lot but is working well so hopefully it will stay that way until its time to take it off.

Kindest regards and a big thank you to all, please pass it on.

j. O.

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It was lovely to meet you and the team on Monday. I would like to pass on my thanks to Valerie and Jennifer. Both these ladies are brilliant and they made my experience wonderful. They made me laugh so much!!

If only I lived closer we could go out for a drink together!

I’m in a lot of discomfort but each day it is becoming less and less. Hopefully once these drains come out and I can remove my stockings I will feel abit better in myself.

I will send you guys photos via email of my progress and healing. 

I would also like to let you know that the driver who took me to the airport on Tuesday was a star! When we arrived he very kindly went and found me a wheelchair and took me to the entrance of the airport. He was amazing so Thankyou very much for this.

Thankyou all again,

Kind regards

Z. S.

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I’d  just like to thank everyone at Beclinic and Dr Plovier for the amazing relaxed 5* experience that I had. 1 week on there’s little to no pain I no longer require any pain medication. The results already of my breast augmentation look amazing. I can’t thank everyone enough. Please pass this on to all staff members ❤️❤️



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Dr Plovier 

Thank you for seeing me today it looked like you very busy and I feel much better to know that everything is good.

Thank you so much , you’re so right it has changed my life and I love them 😍Thank you .

Best wishes 

J. O.

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Good afternoon

I’m four weeks post op today and I just want to say thank you to Dr Plovier and the team so so much. My boyfriend and I felt very looked after at the clinic and I’m in love with my boobs. They’ve settled so nicely and my scars are basically non existent?! They are so so tiny and basically the exact same colour as my skin. I’m so so thankful

I can stop wearing my special bra today it says in my aftercare info but I just wanted to check, is it a problem if I carry on wearing it (just to bed)? I want to feel like they are extra protected

Thank you again


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Good morning to the amazing team at BeClinic,

I had rhinoplasty just over 3 weeks ago & I can’t explain how happy I am with the results & the healing.

Dr Plovier & his team are amazing. From the receptionist to the nurses to Dr Plovier himself!

BeClinic was recommended by a friend & I’m happy I went with it.

A special thank you to nurse Brigitte! She has been lovely throughout my time there & even offered to take us back to our hotel due to the uber driver cancelling on us.

I would definitely recommend BeClinic as it is a clean, professional & friendly clinic.

Thank you once again & I hope everyone at BeClinic has a lovely Christmas 🎄🎁 🎅🏽


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I am absolutely thrilled with how I look Valérie. I feel so happy and I’m definitely feeling more confident in myself.

I can’t thank you all enough xx

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I have spent 5 years looking for a good surgeon and feel so lucky I found you!

I just wanted to say thank you to you all after Dr Plover doing such an amazing lower face lift last year . It’s so natural and everyone keeps asking for your number. Dr Plover has done the most natural work everyone is amazed .

Now he has again created miracles my arms are still a little sore but gosh they look amazing and my bust is fab too the shape is fantastic the size is perfect much better . When I had the dressings changed the hospital said what a fabulous job and asked where I went .They said that the scars were very good and the best they had seen and that the scars would fade very fast .

Your nurse was amazing to me so very lovely ,your care is the best and Dr Plover is a god what amazing work . I am truly happy and Dr Plover and his team are the very best anyone could have found .

I spent 5 years looking for a good Surgeon and feel so lucky I found you .I will highly recommend you in the UK .Dr Plover and his team are the very best I can’t thank you enough again. Thank you and you really are the best 👍😊


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Hello again!

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for yesterday. I'm so happy with my experience at Beclinic, Dr Plovier, Jennifer and Valerie, all so so so so lovely. I'm feeling good today!! 

I was just wondering, Jennifer mentioned that I could see a picture of what my new boobs looked like just after the surgery was finished before the PICO bandage was put on and at the time I said I didn't want to, but actually, I changed my mind and would like to see the photos if possible. Would it be possible to email me these photos please?

Thank you! xx

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Dr. Plovier absolutely deserved all the trust I put in his judgement!

Please can you tell Dr P that whilst I know I am only one month in, and that my eyes may drop a little more and there are still changes to come ..but I am absolutely thrilled with the results so far...

I went into this not really believing that I would get exactly what I wanted... and I have. I can now wear all the dresses that did fit - but my pot belly made look awful, now they look lovely. I can wear my jeans without having to have the top button undone and the waist cutting in.. I go shopping and have to stop myself walking over to the shapeless baggy dresses.

And my face? Well I am just really pleased with it. My eyes no long look doe shaped and my face looks much fresher and he has removed the scars below my temple. I seem to be getting compliments about my looks wherever I go... which is so nice!, even in the supermarket queue!

Please tell him that he is a very clever man, an artist in fact, who - absolutely deserved all the trust I put in his judgement.. after all, this is my body and my face that I trusted him with and I am thrilled.

And .. his team are all amazing and supportive too.

So thank you.

Kind regards

Amanda x

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Dr. Plovier you are a magician!

I have waited until now for my face to settle down to send this to you Dr Plovier you are a magician!

The improvement in my face, neck and eyelids , is absolutely amazing. I look and feel like a different person and have so much confidence back. I want to thank you so much for this I also want to thank you and your wonderful staff for the kindness and care that was shown to me.

I was terrified of the operation, but Dr Plovier you filled me with confidence and your nurses and receptionists are the absolute best and took great care of me I would tell anyone who is thinking of having any procedure with you Just go with it.

You will not regret it for a second !

Thank you all again and very best wishes to you.


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Went for surgery at 8am this morning!! The nurses were amazing! So calming!! And Dr Plovier is the BOOB GOD! 

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Dear Valérie,

I had my surgery (Mini TT and breast augmentation) in May and we are back home in England now.

I wanted to thank you all for the lovely care I received and my husband too!

I still haven’t seen any of operated parts but I am sure I will love them!

I would like to book my follow up appointment with Dr. Plovier in London preferably before the kids break up for the summer holidays, please! (Before the 24th of July)

Impressed with Dr. Plovier’s work, my husband also asked if he could have a quick consultation with him at the same time regarding his bags under his eyes

Thank you so much.

Kind regards


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Dear Marie, Benedicte and everyone at Be Clinic:

Words alone can’t express my gratitude and happiness at my experience with Be Clinic. Everyone I met was incredibly kind, patient and helpful in managing my expectations and making me comfortable throughout this process. The recovery process is never painless but you guys really help in making everything smooth, and with Valerie and Dr Plovier even coming in on a public holiday so as to make sure I am fine before my flight back home. 

Thank you so much again and see you (soon) 😜

C and T

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“A wonderful experience”


I just wanted to say how wonderful my experience was with you on Friday. I am so grateful for how you treated me, you are all an absolute credit to Be Clinic.

It was lovely to meet you all.

Kind Regards


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“it was such a pleasure being back at the clinic"

Good Morning Marie, 

Thank you so much for your help last week, it was once again such a pleasure being back at the clinic. Dr Ploviers work is so good, and i’m really pleased with the results, the teams hard work doesn’t go unnoticed! Please thank everyone that made my experience such a good one! 

Kind Regards, 


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"This will change my live"

I would just like to start by saying a huge thank you to yourself, Frank and Jennifer for taking such good care Of me, i couldn’t fault the clinic one bit. From the moment I walked in i knew I had made the right decision to come with be clinic and frank wow what can I say he listened to everything I wanted and by the looks of them right now I’m So happy. This will change my life as I’ve been looking for 8 years to get the look I’ve always wanted and everyone in the uk has turned me away as they said I will never get that look. I’m so very grateful to frank please do send him my love and and big thank you.

I’m home now and will take great care of myself while I recover.

Please can I book my follow up appointment with frank in London also.

Thank you so much Marie,


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"‘Amazing surgeon’"

Fantastic surgeon - I had under the muscle breast implants. Cannot recommend enough This man knows what he is doing - is a complete & utter artist, excellent in his field. If you’re looking for implants- visit dr Plovier. He uses photos to see what result you want & gives it to you.

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H. Kay

"‘My surgery experience has been outstanding’"

I am currently just at the train station waiting to go home but I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you. Again, my surgery experience has been outstanding by all of the Beclinic team. From the moment I arrived until now, I have felt so looked after it really has been a wonderful experience and I couldn't recommend you highly enough. Professional, friendly and nothing has been too much trouble. From the drivers, to Yohan at the Hotel Panorama (who's care and attention has been outstanding for the duration of our stay- nothing has been too mich trouble for him) to the goregous ladies at the clinic yesterday. My favourite nurse Brigitte was adorable as always. Dr Plovier himself is a delight, and always puts me instantly at ease and fills me with confidence.

I look forward to seeing you all again when I have saved enough money for a tummy tuck!!

Kindest regards

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M. Tyl

"Truly amazed by the service."

Thank you so much for all of your help yesterday your staff and team are incredible we've had a flawless experience from start to finish with your entire all inclusive package is there somewhere I could write a review because I am truly amazed by the service, care and assistance given by be clinic , be manos and also the car service! I wish you all the best Christmas and New Years!

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C. J.
- G.B

"Going that extra mile…"

Dr Plovier I wanted to express my gratitude for everything you have done for me going the extra mile and also performing liposculpture I am so happy and never could have imagined this result .I was beginning to give up hope and I am so happy I have found Be clinic and a surgeon with your expertise and work ethic.

I would like to thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you for a review in a few weeks’ time and perhaps chat about other treatments.

Kind regards

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J. Sarah
- united kingdom

"Dr. Plovier was the beginning of my happiness. "

I traveled to Miami for a breast implant exchange and capsulectomy. After my operation ,I realised the Dr didn't do what we agreed on. My new breast looked worse than my first argumentation. I was very disappointed and felt depressed given the amount of time, effort and money being spent.

Finding Dr plovier was the beginning of my happiness. I had my operation on 13 th July 2017. Thank you for bringing some happiness into my life! My results more than satisfy me, I'm shocked. My breast are beautiful, perky, the right shape for me. My incisions were done through the armpit,very smooth and thin line. From the consultation when I met him on June 13 th, I knew I would feel safe and secure in his hands his knowledge professionalism were evident through every encounter.

Dr plovier is a God father of boobs, amazing, simply the best! my experience with him could not have gone better from the moment I met him throughout the whole process of my surgery and recovery. He is truly an artist and a perfectionist ,straight forward and direct, highly skilled, he understands exactly what you are requesting, took his time and never in a rush.

The clinic was new and very modern with first class facilities.

I worked with Marie through the process of consultation through scheduling and on the day of surgery. She was so personal and professional! Adorable . She talks to you like a friend and addresses any fears or concerns honestly. She never got upset when I phoned and asked her million questions,she made me feel good about the preparation I was doing. In a way , I wish I can rewind!

Bridgette, the nurse that looked after me was just wonderful, very caring. 10 out 10.

I would advise anyone contemplating on cosmetic surgery and seeking beautiful breast results to meet with him.

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- U.K

"First class experience"

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all Dr Plovier, Elise, Jennifer, Valerie, Marie & Benedicte!

From booking my first consultation in Aug last year to surgery yesterday the process has been so smooth and the service I've experienced has been first class. The clinic even looks more amazing in real life compared to the web site. The pain is manageable and overall I'm so happy. You guys do a fantastic job

Thank you xx

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- U.K

"Dr Plovier and all of the other staff at BeClinic are fantastic people. "

I took the steri-strips off tonight as it is now 3 weeks post op. Oh my god I cannot believe how neat the scars are, Dr Plovier has done an amazing job so please can you pass on my Thanks to him.

I have gently rubbed some of the cream in that was recommended (cicalfate). I have also attached some pictures so that you can see the incisions/scars. Please feel free to use these for any portfolios you may have, I give my permission.

I always give thanks and praise to those that deserve it and you truly do. You, Dr Plovier and all of the other staff at BeClinic are fantastic people.

You were polite, helpful and extremely caring and I appreciated that very much.

Dr Plovier is obviously a very talented man and works to perfection, something else that I am very appreciative for.

Just want you to know what good people you are.

Take care

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- England

"Happy, Happy, Happy XXX"

Hi All ,

I got up this morning and I needed to send this email!

Even after 3 weeks and I still have quite a bit of swelling and bruising from my face lift , however, I am so very impressed (over the moon) with my results so far! Happy, Happy, Happy XXX

I have to omit I have had quite a lot of surgery over many years with different surgeons (i think 5 in total in the UK) and 6 altogether now with Dr Plovier in Belgium . By far Dr. Plovier is the best surgeon I have ever had and I was so lucky to be recommended by a friend of mine, who has not even had any surgery yet by Dr. Plovier.

I went to see another surgeon before I met Dr. Plovier who also works in Belgium but I am so glad I made the right choice.. J

I just knew instantly when I saw Dr Plovier in London, that he knew what I wanted and he wanted the same thing. Dr Plovier has a great eye for detail and cares about the outcome! I didn’t need to ask loads of questions like I do when I meet other surgeons. Dr. Plovier is much more than just another surgeon, he is confident and he is a true craftsman and will go that extra mile to make sure that he is happy as well as you and is not all about the money but about perfection and recommendations . I cannot thank him enough!

Equally all the staff are just soooo lovely and the service is Top class! I was worried about going to another country for surgery, but you made it all so easy and professional with love.

I am recommending everyone I know ..

Looks like I have to work hard this summer again lol as a driving instructor , teaching long hours, as I will be definitely be having my arms and eyes done at the end of next year if he can squeeze me in lol..

I will be seeing him in February for my 6-8 week after appointment but just wanted to let you all know how happy I am !

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Louise D.

Once again thank you all xx
Including the Hotel!!

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London -

"Dr. Plovier you are AMAZING, thank you very much"


I had my breast revision with Dr.Plovier on the 8.11.16 to remove my 725cc RFID implants and had them replaced with 925cc RFID free implants.

I have finally taken off my bandages and just wanted to email to say a BIG Thank you to Dr.Plovier for doing such an amazing surgery on my new boobs and even my scars! He has totally fixed my old scar tissues and I hardly have any noticeable scar now on either breast. I’m so happy with them and cant thank him and the amazing team at Beclinic enough for my second breast augmentation.

I had no pain or discomfort at all after this surgery either witch has been an added bonus.

I cant wait to see Dr.Plovier on the 17.01.17 at my follow up appointment to thank him in person and show him what an amazing job he has done.

Dr.Plovier you are AMAZING, Thank you very much.


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- U.K

"The clinic itself was spotless and very modern."

Having travelled from the UK to Belgium to have a tummy tuck and breast uplift with implants I was nervous about what to expect. I
definitely had no need to be as every part of the experience was faultless. I booked the all-inclusive package and stayed in the hotel
Panorama which I would recommend.

Dr. Plovier and every single member of his staff were amazing, so kind, caring and professional. The clinic itself was spotless and very modern. If you are considering having your surgery here I'd definitely say go for it, you won't regret it.

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"I very much praise you and all the staff at the Beclinic."

Dear Dr Plovier,

Thank you so much for your careful and brilliant work and care yesterday.
I very much praise you and all the staff at the Be Clinic.


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"I can’t believe how amazing Dr. Plovier is!"

Hello Marie

I just wanted to say thank you for looking after me so well. I was so worried and you were all amazing :-) Could you tell me the name of the nurse who looked after me post op please?*
In the pic attached, does it look like I have the band high enough?
I can't believe how amazing Dr Plovier is :-))

Thank you x

Kindest regards

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"You have changed the way I feel…"

Hi Be Clinic,

I wanted to take this time to write you a review on how professionally you dealt with me through my procedure!

I am over whelmed with the level of comfort and support, Dr Plovier and your staff gave me throughout my stay. I was very nervous about the whole procedure but my concerns where soothed by the way Dr Plovier has a very calming effect and on his approach to patients.

I cannot fault the clinic in any way at all, it's is extremely well set out. Very crisp and immaculately clean. I would recommend your services to anybody considering coming abroad for surgery. You have changed the way I feel about my body forever and I will be forever grateful for the results achieved.

You have an incredible team at the clinic from the nurses to the chauffeur who collects and returns you after the procedures, they are absolute credit to you.

Thanks ever so much!


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"I had so many lovely comments."

Dear Be Clinic,

I just wanted to say that so far even 2 weeks down the line I am so happy with what you have done. I have had so many lovely comments and I know I have a long way to go.
I have attached some photos of how it looks now. The backside from flanks liposuction has still a way to catch up but it will in time.
A couple of questions, how long do I keep dressings on for and can I take the garments off after 4 weeks?

I believe there are a few people I know who have booked consultations after seeing my results and approximately 10 more waiting until I’m healed. Think you will be getting a lot of referrals from me!

Again, please pass my delight and thanks to the amazing surgeon Dr Plovier is.

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"Dr. Plovier is a genius!"

Good morning,
I took the splint off my nose today and I just wanted to say thank you so much, it looks perfect!
I was really nervous before my operation but the care and reassurance I received from all the staff at BeClinic really made me feel like I had nothing to worry about.
I have had very minimal discomfort and the outcome has been amazing.
All my friends are really jealous of my new boobs haha!
Thank you all again so much - you really have changed my life.

Dr.Plovier is a genius!
Kindest regards

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"Lovely staff."

Dear All you lovely Staff.
Thank you all for being so kind & helpful. I'm so happy with both my experiences.
Yourselves and Dr Plovier are very professional & took the time & patience in caring & reassuring me.
I will recommend all the staff that work within BeClinic to others.
It's a shame that in the U.K the consultants are not up to your standards.

Thank You All

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"I would not hesitate to recommend your services"

Hi Marie, I am fine thank you, bruising and swelling is reducing slowly but not in any pain so no longer taking pain relief. Please thank all the team at Beclinic for the care given to me last Friday. I would not hesitate to recommend your services.

Thank you. Marilyn

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"A massive thank you for all your help."

I'm doing very well thank you! Obviously feeling a little sore but overall I'm doing just fine. I would just like to say a massive thank you for all your help also to my nurse, I can't remember her name now but she was so nice to me, I really appreciate it and of course also a big big thank you to dr. Plovier!
I was so pleased with how I was treated throughout my stay and you were all so very helpful. So once again thank you very much.


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"I can’t be more pleased with the outcome!"

Dear All at Be Clinic,
May this holiday season sparkle and shine, may all of your wishes and dreams come true, and may you feel this happiness all year round!!!
Thank you Dr Plovier and your team to made me more beautiful and confident !
I can't be more pleased with the outcome! I will be definitely come back to you when I need it!

Best regards ,

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"Amazing work!!!!"

Good morning .. Hope you are all well ... Please may I book in for my 6 week follow up appointment with Dr Plovier following my breast surgery which I had on the 19th may .... So very happy ... Amazing work ..!!!!!!! .. Would it be possible to have my appointment in London Harley st please ... Look forward to hearing back and regards to you all for your care and kindness throughout my stay .. Many thanks Sharon

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