Cervico-Facial Facelift


A cervico-facial face lift is a combination of a mini-facelift and a neck lift.

It enables the skin to be tautened and a real “anti-age” effect to be obtained, while not erasing the patient’s expression wrinkles. The result is therefore natural and in no way alters the patient’s physiognomy.

The Intervention

It consists of making an incision, under local anaesthesia, from the front to the back of the ear. The surgeon tautens the skin, corrects the subcutaneous tissues (muscles and fat) and removes the surplus skin. The intervention takes about three hours.

Results and Post-Operative Treatment

After the operation, a dressing and some drains are kept in place for one or two days. The face remains swollen and the bruises on the face decrease after a period of seven to ten days after the operation.

After three weeks to a month, the results appear: a cervico-facial facelift smoothes and hardens the skin of the face, without altering its features.

Instructions for patients

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