Otoplasty enables sticking-out ears to be corrected.

The Intervention

Performed under local anaesthesia, the otoplasty takes about two hours. It consists of making an incision behind the pinna and correcting the shape of the cartilaginous skeleton. The surgeon remodels the cartilage and, if necessary, removes a fragment of it. Thus contracted, the corner of the ear is brought closer to the head. The surgeon sutures the incision and applies a bandage in order to keep the ear in its new position.

Results and Post-Operative Treatment

Immediately after the operation, the surgeon applies a bandage around the head. Ten days later, the stitches are removed and the bandage is taken off. For the next three weeks, it is recommended that you wear a solid strip or a bandage during the night.

Work can usually be resumed ten days after the treatment of the sticking-out ears.

Instructions for patients

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